Think about your lifestyle a minute.  Do you spend your time running around from one thing to the next without a break?  Do you work all the time and spend very little quality time with your family and friends?  Do you eat fast food on the go rather than healthy, home cooked meals?

And when was the last time you had a checkup?  Do you even know your cholesterol levels and sugar levels and how healthy you actually are?

I remember growing up that life was different.   We would have healthy, home cooked meals and a set dinner time all together, we would get to bed at a decent hour, not stay up till 2am on devices.  We would get outside more and talk more and spend time together having fun.  Not sit in a room together, not looking at each other and rather, texting each other instead of talking.

Regular checkups were a thing we didn’t miss.  And our doctors spent time with us to explain what was going on and what to do to help with any issues we had.  They had time to answer our questions because we as people were more important than the insurance protocols.

Did you know that the complex regulatory mechanisms that help our bodies and brains adapt to our rapidly changing environment are in turn being impacted by our changing lifestyles?  Many people don’t know this and we aren’t being informed…we have to find the information on our own.

The book “The Mind Gut Connection” tells us that these mechanisms do not operate independently, but as parts of a whole.  They regulate our food intake, metabolism and body weight, our immune system, and the development and health of our brains.  We are just beginning to realize that the gut, the microbes living in it, the gut microbiota, and the signaling molecules that they produce form their vast number of genes, the microbiome, constitute one of the major components of these regulatory systems.

If we are not keeping these systems healthy it will be harder to feel good and live our best lives.

The book also says “The failure to deal effectively with many chronic diseases, including chronic pain, and depression, is not the only shortcoming of the traditional, disease based model of medicine.  Since the 1970s, we have also been witnessing new challenges to our health, including the rapid rise of obesity and related metabolic disorders, autoimmune disorders such as asthma, and allergies and diseases of the developing and the aging brain, such as autism, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.”

Until recently, people as a whole have largely ignored the critical role of two complex systems in our bodies… the gut and the brain.

The mind body connection is a biological fact, and an essential link to understand when it comes to our whole body health.

Your gut has its own nervous system, known as the enteric nervous system,  and recently referred to in the media as the “second brain.” This second brain is made up of 50-100 million nerve cells, as many as are contained in your spinal cord.

The immune cells residing in your gut make up the largest component of your body’s immune system. There are more immune cells living in the wall of your gut than circulating in the blood or residing in your bone marrow.

When I came across Amare Global products I fell in love.  They are the products that support your gut and brain health and help the two systems to work together better.

When I started on the products,  I finally started feeling better.  Not just a little, but a lot.  My mood improved, my digestion improved and my sleep improved.  I had more energy and was able to take on the world, not want to nap halfway through the day.

I did show the products to my doctor and my son’s doctor and all the products were approved by all the doctors which made me feel even better about them.

If you would like to talk further about my experience with Amare and how it may be able to support you as well I would love to have a call with you.  Just reach out to me and we can set that up.