Social media is one of those things most people have a love hate relationship with.  

You can get sucked into scrolling for hours and waste tons of time.  You can get hurtful comments on your posts.

On the flip side, how would you ever know what your uncle had for dinner last night if it wasn’t posted so you could see it in your timeline! 😉

There are also so many different platforms that it can be overwhelming.  Do you have to be active on all of them?  When do you find time to work if you are on social media platforms all day?

It doesn’t have to be hard or overwhelming.  Do what feels right for you.

I know that seems contradictory to what the gurus tell you about how you need to be on every platform and constantly posting and replying and connecting.

If you don’t have a support team to help you create posts and keep up with things it can be a lot too.

Here are my suggestions:

  • Decide on the platforms that your audience is on and put them in order of importance.  For me it is LinkedIn and so that is where my focus goes.
  • Learn the platform you are focusing on and get good at it before you add another into the mix.
  • Take an hour or two once a month and create your content for the whole month.  Know when you are posting (2x a week? 3x a week? 5x a week?) and create a post a day for what you need. 
  • Block off time to be on the platform each week.  Maybe it is only 3x a week that you check in but, in that time, block you have allotted, strategically reach out to connect with new people that you truly want to get to know better.  Don’t just connect with people for the sake of saying you have 3000 connections when you have no intention of getting to know them or build a relationship.
  • If you have been on a platform for a while, take time to go through your connections.  Don’t be afraid to disconnect from people that are not a fit for you.  Also, take the time to reach out to people you haven’t talked to in a while and check in.  See how things are going, try to schedule a call to catch up.

Social media is about being social.  It is easy to hide behind your computer screen and just post or comment but the magic happens when you begin to build relationships and really put in an effort to serve the people that follow you.

Have fun with your social media and in time it will help you to build your business and relationships.

If you are looking for a support team, hit me up.  I don’t do this myself but after 15 years in business I have some amazing teams I can refer you to that would be able to support you.  They are all rockstars!