I used to only fly with someone else.  Going on vacation.  Then a few years ago I took my first solo flight to a business event.  I was scared but I pushed through and learned I actually enjoy this.

Here are my reasons:

  • Time to think
  • Time to read
  • No one but myself to worry about

I actually don’t work on planes.  I spend the time with my own thoughts on self  growth. I noticed the plane buzzes with conversation on the runway but once it takes off that all quiets down. Up in the air I sit back, close my eyes and go inside myself. I have my own rituals such as getting a big bottle of water for the ride and some form of dark chocolate and fruit. I don’t know why this became my ritual but it is and will remain that way. I think it started as a comfort for me and just continued from there. Now I just look forward to it during each flight.

Flying alone taught me a lot about myself. I learned that I am strong and capable, I am smart and resourceful.  I tell myself the introvert story but I actually really enjoy meeting new people and having conversations.

I have met some of the coolest people on my trips alone and learned so many different things that I didn’t know before. I have had some of the best conversations and learned things about others that is just amazing.

Most people are super helpful and love to share what to see or favorite spots in the area that you are visiting and it is so much better finding out from a local about where to visit instead of just looking on TripAdvisor.  The locals give you the best tips!

If I never took the chance and learned this about myself, I would probably still be playing small and hiding my gifts.  I would still be thinking I needed someone else to be by my side to make things less scary and that I couldn’t do it alone. I would still be telling myself the story that I am not smart enough to travel alone or that I am too much of an introvert to talk to new people without someone else starting the conversation.  And that is what excuses are…stories we tell ourselves to hide behind our fears.

Now I look forward to the solo flights and trips that happen once or twice a year. It gives me time to just be me with no pretense for someone else and what is expected of me. It gives me the opportunity to learn something new about myself and to connect deeply with myself.

I highly recommend doing that thing that scares you. I guarantee it won’t be as scary as you think.  I guarantee you will learn something new about yourself and you will grow from your experience. I guarantee that it will keep getting easier and you just may start looking forward to the next one just like I do.