Are you building a business that you think others want you to build?  Or are you building the business YOU want to build?

I have fallen into this trap over the years.  At one point I had 5 businesses going and I was running them all myself. 

One of those businesses wasn’t even one I wanted!  I had actually created it because I had some friends ask me to so they could work in it.  So back before I learned the word NO I did just that.  I opened the business, I brought in the clients, and then when I started to delegate the work, those same people that begged me to open it decided they didn’t feel like it anymore.  So there I was with this business and these clients and no one to do the work but me. 

I tried to keep it going for a while and eventually I learned that I don’t have to do things for other people just to be nice and I slowly dissolved the business.  I took care of the clients at the time and as the services were completed we parted ways.  And I was so much happier and not so overwhelmed.

I finally sat down and took a look at my life and my goals.  I realized that there were really 2 areas that I loved working in and I could take the remaining 4 separate businesses and combine them into those 2 areas.  So I set about doing that and realized that I loved my business and life again now that I wasn’t pulled in so many different directions.

How about you?  Are you doing things you don’t like to do, or don’t want to do, just because people think you should?  Or because you think you should?

Change is good and right now it is super important to be taking care of yourself and pivoting your business so you are doing what you love and you are able to do it no matter what is going on in the world.

Give yourself permission to let go. Sit down with your favorite drink and write out your goals.  Get really clear on what you want to be spending your time doing, who you want to be working with, how big or small you want your business to be and how much time you want to be spending in it.

Once you have the clarity around this, sit with it for a few days then circle back.  Do you still feel the same?  Has anything else come up for you? 

Remember that you can always shift how you do things and make it better.  And if you are doing something that you really don’t enjoy, it is OK to let it go and move on to what you love. You know what feels best to you and I assure you that when it feels right, it usually is.  And that is when the magic happens and the growth starts.