I have certain mentors that I love to learn from.  I absorb everything they teach, I put their trainings on my calendar, and I learn from them every week.

These mentors are high performers in their areas of expertise and exactly what I strive to be.

I was recently watching some videos this week from one of those mentors and it reminded me to put success habits in place not just for my business but for my life.

The key is to make them work for you.  Don’t put habits in place that you don’t look forward to or that don’t fit in your schedule.

Set up your workout time and meditation time for when it works for you.  Schedule it out each week and know that it may be different each day depending on your schedule.  Any routines that you want to incorporate in your life should be on your schedule. 

Go into each day and each action in the day with intentions for it.  What do you want to have happen in that time frame?  When you go into an action with an intention you will see results that you wouldn’t have necessarily seen if you were just winging it and hoping for the best outcome.

Go deep into what you want to learn.  If you want to be an expert in that area this is very important.  And don’t let others tell you it is impossible, or you shouldn’t do it.  Follow your gut and your dreams and surround yourself with uplifting and inspiring people.

I have had my own success practices for years and they do change from time to time depending on my life and business.  When my goals change, my practice may change as well.  Know that it is OK to change things up.  Just be consistent with what you are doing and get those new areas as habits, so you stick to them.

Success isn’t an overnight thing.  It is a lifelong journey.  Even when you become successful at one thing it doesn’t mean the journey is over.  There is so much in life to learn and participate in.  Get to know yourself and what makes you happy and go deep into learning more and putting new goals into action.