Do you have trouble delegating?  Believe me, I understand the feeling.  You think no one else can do this the same way as you.  Or that it would take too much time to train someone to do this task and it is easier to do it yourself.  Right?

I have been there myself but when I realized how much time I got BACK when I put in the time to train someone in the tasks that I needed done and that I wasn’t doing on time or well it was a huge turning point for me.

As a Virtual Assistant for 15 years I have learned that most of my clients struggle with delegation at least in the beginning.  And the reason they keep going through assistants?  No one has told them how to delegate.  No one has pushed them to do this.

I work differently than that. I am not task oriented.  Meaning, I don’t wait for you to give me a task, handle it, turn it back to you and wait for the next one.

Instead, I am constantly asking you for what you want to hand off and making suggestions based on what I know you are doing that I can take over for you.

One of the first things I ask my clients to do is sit down with a hot coffee or tea and a sheet of paper when they have a moment and can be uninterrupted.  Then write out everything they do all day long.  It can be both personal and business tasks.

Look at that list when you are done and see where your time is going.  What tasks are you doing that someone else could do just as well?  Are you running errands that could easily be delivered to your house? Are you handling all the moving parts of business projects even though you have no desire to learn the systems or even if you are doing them effectively?

The next thing I ask them to do is to send me a list of everything they have on their plate that they don’t want to do, don’t know how to do, are not doing in a timely manner, etc.  I tell them to ONLY leave on their list the things they love and that only they can do.

Then the fun begins.  Why fun? Because I then take that list, apply my skill sets and resources and suddenly they have learned how to delegate, freed up their time, can effectively grow their business without overwhelm and burnout and are now smiling all day rather than crying in a corner.

Yes…it can happen for you too;)

We all tend to over-think things and do too much.  What we should be doing is focusing on our unique genius and delegating the rest.  We would accomplish so much more each day, have quality time with our friends and family, be able to spend time doing things we love and honestly not feel like we are working because we love what we do so much.

You may have gone into your business excited and loving it but not realizing how much went into the day to day.  Are you ready for support and want a virtual assistant that will walk you through how to delegate and always be asking you for more that can be taken off your plate? Are you ready for help in from someone that will help you strategize and create new offers and really cares about not only your business but you?  If so, I’m your girl.  Let’s chat.

You can schedule a 30 minute call with me at and we can see if I am a fit to support you.  And if not I am happy to refer you to one of my amazingly talented colleagues! XO