Often, people fake happy so others will envy their life.

You know it’s true and I’m sure you have seen it the same as I have.  I’m sure from time to time you have even done it…as have I.

But we need to stop faking happy and start being real.  People connect over the real things. The stories that aren’t so pretty. The days you don’t look your best.  The times when you fall down and have to get back up.

Why do they connect over that? Because they have been there.

Don’t get me wrong, we connect in the happy times too.  What I am saying though is that it is OK to show people you are human and that everything is not a happy time.

We often feel alone in our struggles but we do that to ourselves.  People can’t help us when we are pretending that we are fine while our world crumbles around us.

Moms have this struggle daily.  Your child may have the hugest meltdown and you haven’t showered yet and you are crying because you are exhausted and feeling alone.  But what do you put on social media?  A post from the other day when your child was being cute with a #socute #lovemylife  right?

Guess what, there is another mom you are friends with experiencing the same thing and they see your post and envy your life.  They post something similar because they don’t want to post how they really feel that day because #exhausted #meltdown just doesn’t look good.

The reality though is that if we are real about life we can help each other. 

I take time each day to be thankful for the blessings in my life.  I think of my wonderful family and friends, my amazing clients that I get to work with, my pets that I love and get such joy from.  I am grateful to have food on the table, a roof over my head and clothes on my back.  I am grateful for clean water and opportunities that others may not have.

These moments of reflection make my heart warm.  I remember all the times that people have helped me when I needed it without me having to ask for it.  I remember all the “angels” in my life that have come through and just seen my soul in times that it was so dark I couldn’t even find a flashlight to find the path myself.  I remembered the light that they shone for me to help me along and I hope that I can be that same light and love in someone else’s life that needs it.

So in conclusion, I ask you to try to bring more “real” to life.  And I will do the same.  Let’s share the struggles, ask for help and support each other.  And let’s celebrate together and find joy in life together and support each other then too…knowing that it was well deserved.

Erin Alli is a professional writer, blogger, coach and health advocate. She is also a wife and mom.  She helps busy working moms in their journey for inspiration, business tips and lifestyle tips that work and make life easier so they have more time to enjoy it.  You can connect with her on Facebook at www.facebook.com/erinallicoaching or on her site at www.ErinAlli.com