While I am not a fan of the cold or the shoveling part, I have to say that I have always loved the snowfall part.  Many times I have spent moments just watching the snow fall or being in the peacefulness of it. When it is snowing it is almost like the world stops.  There is a quiet and peace that just surrounds us.  I have always loved laying on my back and looking at the sky in snow.

Each snowflake is unique which I think is just awesome.  Just like every one of us is unique.  We all have our gifts and sometimes it takes us a while to figure out what they are but once we do, we are not doing any one any good if we don’t share them with the world.

We so often spend too much time wishing we had someone else’s gifts.  That person is so creative, brave, outgoing, adventurous, etc.  What we should be focused on is our own special and unique gifts.  What do we have that we are depriving the world of by not sharing it? Who could we be helping or giving joy to with our gifts if we were just out there more telling people about it?

Don’t waste time wishing you had someone else’s gifts.  Be happy with your gifts.

We all have gifts and if we try to do something that is not in our skill set we are not only hurting ourselves but others as well because we are taking away the joy they get doing that task we don’t like to do ourselves.

Different  mindset around that right?

I have learned over the years to do what I do best which is strategize and create with people. I have been a writer for as long as I can remember and over the years I have built up a number of other skillsets but creating strategy and writing are still, and have always been, the gifts that I can’t wait to share with others.

What are your gifts?  Are you sharing them or keeping them to yourself?

Live in abundance and gratitude always and don’t keep your gift to yourself, share it with the world!