We always hear people telling us to smile more or be happy.  Sometimes you just want to tell them to stuff it because you are in a bad mood and want to stay that way in that moment.  But later, you may start to think about how you could have changed how you felt in that moment.

You have seen other people do it so what’s the secret?  How come they don’t let things bother them but you do?

Because they know that taking on the energy of others is detrimental to their health so they don’t do it.

And you know how you get a stomach ache when you are upset?  That is because the gut plays a big part in your happiness so you want to keep it healthy so you smile more;)

Ninety-five percent of the body’s serotonin is stored in the gut.  Serotonin is a signaling molecule that plays a crucial role within the gut brain axis: It is not only essential for normal intestinal functions, but it also plays a crucial role in such vital functions as sleep, appetite, pain sensitivity, mood and overall well being.

Our mood is affected in large part by our environment.  What are you doing with your day?  Are you eating healthy? Are you getting enough sleep?

When you are eating processed food and living on sugar and caffeine it takes a toll on not only your gut but your brain also.

When you are not getting enough sleep it makes your reaction times slower and it makes your head feel foggy.  You are not clear on your decisions or even on your day to day tasks.  You forget things more often and your mood takes a dip.  You tend to get angrier or more frustrated at a quicker pace.

You need to take the time to put some routines in place that are going to be beneficial for you so you have success and reach your goals that you want to reach, no matter what those goals are.

I am happy to chat if you would like support through putting these new routines in place and being accountable for them until those routines become habits.  Just reach out for a time to talk.