I talk to a lot of people each week and one thing seems to ring true for almost every person I talk to.

They are looking for someone to tell them what to do, how to do it and hold their hand and make sure it gets done.

Why?  Because as I’m sure you know, holding ourselves accountable to get stuff done doesn’t always happen.  We make it too easy on ourselves to push things off or change the schedule.

But when someone is asking if we did what we said we were going to do that makes it much more enticing to actually get it done.  If we said we were going to do something and we want people to believe what we say then we actually have to follow through!

One of the things that I do with clients is to discuss what they want to achieve, where they are now and what they need to do to reach their goal.

I help them put together a strategy to reach a goal in either their business or their personal life.  These strategies are accompanied with bite size, step by step instructions on what to do and we follow that up with discussions that include  accountability to make sure they are not putting things off that they really want to do and instead are getting it done.

Often, when talking to entrepreneurs, they may have a VA already but don’t know how to delegate or what to delegate and unfortunately the VA is waiting on them to find out what projects to do.  This causes a lack of communication, frustration on both sides and often the demise of the relationship.

It doesn’t have to be like that.  Having a strategy in place can help you to direct the team that is there to support you so that you are all happy and productive and projects are flowing easily (as is revenue!)

I love seeing the changes in my clients lives when they have this support.

What does this consist of?

  • 4 calls monthly for an hour at a time
  • Discussing what you envision
  • Putting the strategy in place to reach that vision
  • Putting together a list for you each week of step by step instructions on what you need to do (you come away from each call with “Homework” but you know EXACTLY what needs to be done so you are not spending time floundering or trying to figure it all out)
  • Accountability – each time we talk we will go over your action steps from the previous call, celebrate your wins that you accomplished, figure out what was not accomplished and why and re-strategize so that you can get everything done and stay on track
  • I will email you the notes from the call as well as your action list following the call so you don’t have to worry about taking notes the whole time, you can focus on building your business’
  • You also have email access to me so that if a question comes up or you need clarity of any kind between our calls you can get a quick response so you can continue to move forward

If you want to get results and move forward but just need some support to get there this is the perfect way to get what you need and reach your goals quickly.

This work is very focused and intense and you see results immediately!

These calls are extremely focused but we have a lot of fun creating as well.  Because really, if it’s not fun you are not going to want to do it right?  Life and work need to be fun and exciting:)