Do you provide your customers and clients with value that leaves them amazed and wanting to come back to you repeatedly?  Is your customer service top notch? Do you make a point of fairly pricing your products or services, so you don’t push customers away?

If you said yes to the above, you are set up to be successful.

A lot of people have vented to me about businesses they have stopped going to because the customer service became so bad, and the prices went up so much.  It is a sad thing for a small business when they lose customers but sometimes it is due to their own internal issues.  And the good news is that if you have experienced this in your own business, you can change this.

I had this happen to me when I was looking to buy a new computer last year. I tried to purchase from a brand that I had been loyal to for many years, and I had to change brands because I couldn’t get the support needed with the one I was at.  This was a big brand too, but they just made everything so difficult I had no choice but to change who I purchased from.

This I am sure wasn’t devastating to that company, but if more people experiencing what I did also left, it would be.  If they were a small business, it could put them out of business in a short time.

It isn’t hard to provide great service and be kind and helpful.  If you are finding your current team doesn’t provide that (or certain members don’t) than it is time to have a heart to heart with them.  Let them know what you expect from them, how you would like them to handle customer/client issues and questions and put in place a system where if they keep handling things in a way you don’t agree with they will no longer be on the team.

Also, be sure anyone new you bring on your team knows your vision for your company, how you like things done and what is expected.  Be sure they also know they can come to you with questions and ideas and that you welcome communication.

By setting your team up for success and being clear of your expectations, you are in turn setting your business up for success.  Even if you are higher priced than a competitor, your customers will keep coming back and refer others because it is the service and value you provide that means more to them than the cost.  Remember, people do business with people they know, like and trust.  They also make referrals to them😉