Products and Courses

Do you want to close more sales and grow your business?  

As a small business owner, you must master the art of nurturing leads and closing sales. 

You can connect with as many potential clients as you want, but without a proven process in place to move them along to a sale, they will likely forget about you and move on. 

And what about all those happy clients you already have? Are you asking them for referrals?

That’s OK – we are all busy! But let’s fix that mistake today.

The Ultimate Lead Nurturing and Sales Conversion Course combines the expertise of three successful marketing and sales professionals.

In this course, you will find:

  • Nine essential tips to ensure your welcome and lead nurture emails are opened and nudge your leads to take the next step
  • Detailed explanations of what to include in each email, plus nine templates you can customize 
  • A comprehensive feedback and referral process to increase the number of referrals you receive – and boost your sales
  • Six sales email templates and three sales conversation scripts
  • A plan for following up after a sales conversation or proposal

And for only $299!

Compare that to working with each of us individually to create custom welcome email series, lead nurture email series, and a feedback, referral, and sales process. The total cost? $5,000 and up.

Can you afford NOT to improve your lead nurturing and sales conversion process?