I had a client that let perfectionism hold her back from ever getting her business going.

She struggled over every decision and wouldn’t let anything be good enough.

There were constant revisions to webinars she created, a website never went up because she was just never happy with it and she didn’t reach out to prospects because they may reject her.

Rejection is a huge fear for entrepreneurs.  It doesn’t work like if you build it they will come.  You have to build it and then put in the constant work to get your offerings in front of people.

And those people may see your stuff for months or even years before they buy from you or work with you.  That is just the reality of it.

Frustration is easy to find but if you let it stick in your head you may as well give up and go a different route where you are just doing a job for someone and going home at the end of your shift.  That way someone else has the headaches.

But if you are determined to make your business work, you need to be just as determined to get in front of people.  Don’t let the rejection hit your personally.  It isn’t personal.  Maybe they don’t need what you are offering now.  That doesn’t mean they never will.

If you don’t burn your bridges and you ask if you can stay in touch that will go a long way.  I actually had a copywriting client that I hadn’t worked with for a year because he was making changes in his business but when he was ready for a new marketing campaign he reached out and hired me to do that campaign since he had seen great results from previous campaigns I had done.

The key was, even though I wasn’t working with him for that year I was still checking in.  I would put a note on my calendar and I would email and check to see how things were going.

Building relationships is key.  You never know if someone will be a client, or a referral partner, or a mentor or just a friend.  Keep your options open.  Get out there and meet people.  Stay in touch but see how you can serve them too, not just how they can help you.

Most businesses that fail don’t have relationships built up.  If you build those relationships, no matter what you do in life or what direction you go, you will always be able to have success because you will have the support and the resources to get there.