I recently had a conversation, and the topic of numbers came up.  I am very into the numbers across the board in business.  I want to know how things are performing, what is coming into the business, what is going out, and every number in between that is going to help me know how to grow that business to the next level.

The other person in that conversation stated that they didn’t care about the numbers.  They figured that as long as they had content it didn’t matter who was viewing it.  They just wanted to produce that, put it up and hope for the best.

After 15+ years in this business I know that numbers like to be figured in😉

When you track what money is coming into your business you find that you start to see even more of it.

When you track what money is going out of your business you can easily see what you are spending on that you don’t need so you can make changes.

When you track your views in social media you know what posts are performing best and what people really weren’t that interested in.

When you track your email open rates you can tell what subject lines get people to open the email and which don’t as well as what content gets them to click on a link or take action and what doesn’t.

When you look at your website views you can see where people are spending time, how long they are there and what is causing them to click away quickly.

When you look at the return you are getting from your advertisements you can see if they are working or not, and if not, you can adjust them to see if a new version performs better.

All this tracking, in the long run, is going to help you grow your business to the next level and beyond.  You will spend less time trying to catch up and figure out what is working and not working when you spend 30 minutes a week and collect the numbers and keep things organized.

You don’t need this to be a hard process.  Put Google analytics on your site and emails, have an excel sheet for your income and expenses and update it each Friday at the end of the day.

Just this little extra effort will bring you big results in time.