I have heard from a few friends recently that the message they are putting out there isn’t connecting them to the right audience.

They are getting referrals, but they are not the right referrals.  They are getting leads online, but again, not the right leads.

They network, have an online presence, are active in engaging on social media, and are well branded.  So, what is the problem?

It may have to do with the messaging.

When you are sharing what you do, you may have to simplify it for people that are not in your industry. 

I had this problem for years when I did work as a virtual assistant and online business manager.  Not even my own family understood what I did.  They told people I worked on a computer all day LOL.  And the referrals I did get were for anything from website design, to technical support, to customer service.  It was never really what I did.

Once I changed my message to explain in terms they would understand, they got it.  (That looked something like…you know the executive assistant in your office that pretty much runs all the day to day operations?  That’s me but in a home office and working with people all over the globe.)  Just that small tweak made all the difference.  My business took off and grew 400% in one year, all organically.

So, if you are struggling with getting your message across, you may need to explain it in different terms.  Make it relatable to who you are talking to.  Let them ask questions.  Tell them exactly who a good referral for you would be and when they send someone that isn’t a fit, thank them and explain why that person wasn’t a fit (and if you can, refer the person to someone that is a fit.)

Make sure you are consistent with your message and tweak it to be appropriate for different audiences you may be in front of.  Sure, this will take a little time to do but once it’s done, you can use it across the board.  It will be well worth the investment, I promise!

If you are just not sure about your message and want to bounce it off someone and maybe get a little help refining it, please don’t hesitate to reach out.  If I can’t help you, I am sure that someone in my network would be perfect😉