As a business owner you are super busy and automating as much as possible is important.  Most people either don’t realize or don’t have time though to automate their messaging.

By automating your messaging, you can be sure that emails are being sent out on time and in the right flow.

For example, have you ever gotten an email promotion from someone you follow, and you find the offer really interesting and sign up?  Your next email should be the important information you need (such as the download, access to a program, a link to schedule a call, etc.) and you should be taken off the promotional email list.

Some mail systems have this feature and others don’t.  If the feature isn’t available or isn’t setup you will still receive the promotional emails about the thing you just signed up for.

If it is in place, there are settings so that you will be taken off the promotional email when you sign up.  There may also be choices like send video 2 after video 1 has been opened, or maybe an upsell offer will be sent to you.

There are a lot of ways you can automate your messaging and reach more people effectively.  It is often a matter of putting together the flow of how you want the messages to be received and in addition, making sure your message is clear and of course being opened.

If you would like to review any of your messaging and discuss potential issues you may be having and how to fix them, I am happy to help!  Just reach out and let’s chat.