Sometimes it can seem like you have to create new content all the time to keep things fresh but that isn’t necessarily the case.

Are you repurposing your content in multiple places?

Here is what I mean…

You write a blog post and put it on your website.   Are you then taking pieces of that blog post and using them in your social media?  Are you sending that blog post out as an email to your list? Are you referencing the blog post on your social media networks and using links to that post in other posts of yours that are relevant?

There are a lot of ways you can repurpose your content.  You want to keep things fresh and up to date but it doesn’t mean you have to spend all your free time doing it.

Also, if you are getting frustrated and don’t think people are reading what you wrote, keep in mind that people need to see the message multiple times.  You aren’t bothering them if they see your blog and then your social media and then your email.  It is just smart marketing.

None of these channels alone are going to change your business but being strategic, sharing valuable content and being consistent in the ways you market will help your message to be seen in more ways. 

Remember that this isn’t the only way to grow your business either.  Get out there and meet people, join virtual networking groups as well and get to know people all over the world.

Don’t underestimate someone.  You never know who they know or who you may both know.  Don’t assume anything.  Some of the best businesspeople may be the ones in jeans and a tee shirt that are laid back.  Give each introduction a chance to build a relationship…one that works both ways.

Content is an important piece to your growth but be smart about what you are putting out in the world, who you are getting in front of and how you are portraying yourself in the long run.

If you need any help with the strategy behind your content just reach out.  I would love to help you put one in place that will help you build your business and be beneficial to you.