Most of us go into the month of November believing it is the best time to show gratitude.  But we don’t stop to think that even though traditionally, we show thanks in November, it is really something we should be doing every day of our life.  

When you are a business owner, even if you are in tough times, gratitude matters. Gratitude is what can help you change your perspective and draw more of what you want into your business.  

Think about it for a minute…

When you spend your time complaining about all that is going wrong, it seems like things start to snowball that are going wrong.  

When you spend your time being grateful for what you have, even if it isn’t quite what you had in mind, great things start to almost fall out of the sky for you.

That is because gratitude brings in more things to be grateful for.

Here’s a great tip to try out that is fun too.

Play the gratitude game. 

Sure, you can do this alone and list everything you are grateful for, but you can also do it with your team or your business partner.

You take turns telling each other what you are grateful for about the business.  

I first learned about this from Esther Hicks and it is really fun to do and makes you feel great.  

It is a way to feel good about the progress you have made and to help others on your team feel good about the direction of the business as well.   

So, take time each day to be grateful and try out that gratitude game.  It may be something you want to incorporate into your business every month!