Anyone that is an entrepreneur has struggled with growth and bringing on support.

A big fear behind this is that you know you need to get help in order to grow your business because you can only do so much yourself and there are only 24 hours in a day (and you really do need sleep too) but you are afraid of investing the money.

Bringing on someone in a support role for your business means you have an obligation to pay them a certain amount of money each month and you may worry about whether you can afford it or not.

The way to look at this in a different mindset is by figuring out what you are paying them an hour to support you and then what you can make in an hour doing what you are brilliant at.

If you can hire someone to implement the tasks that you are currently stuck on or just not getting done you can then spend that time you have freed up doing money producing tasks in your business such as meeting with new prospects, networking, talking to current clients about other ways you can support them, creating products and offerings that will bring in more revenue.  The list goes on.

Keep in mind that this payment to a support person is an investment in you and your business.  It is a way to free up more of your time while still growing.  It is a way to have more time to be with your family and friends while still getting everything on your To Do list accomplished.

Another way to look at this is that the tasks you dread doing, someone else actually loves doing.  So you are providing work for someone else to do what they are great at and you are freeing up that brain space of your own to do what you love.

How much money can you bring in by signing a new client?  Is it worth it to have someone else posting your blogs and social media and researching things for you while you spend that time talking to prospects and converting them to clients?

How much revenue can you bring in off a new product offering?  Is it worth it to have someone else setting up your autoresponders and the offering on your site so you can start to promote it as soon as you have it created?

Really look at the investment you would be spending for a support person vs. the revenue you can really be bringing into your business when you have that extra time each month to focus on growth.

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