Being in business for many years, I have seen a lot of people that leave money on the table just because they don’t follow up.

There are different forms of following up and I am going to cover them today.

When someone reaches out – If someone reaches out to you and shows interest in chatting, and you send them information on how to get on your calendar, and they don’t respond, follow up.  This would be an email a few days to a week later just saying you are circling back and checking in to see if they received your earlier email.  Often people get really busy or miss an email so they will usually get back to you after the follow up and schedule.

After a call – When you talk to someone and send a proposal over, if you haven’t heard anything in a week do the same as the above and follow up.  Tell them you are checking in to see if they received your message and to please let you know either way if they would like to move forward. That way they will usually send you an email even if they want to hold off.

Past clients – If you worked with someone before and the project ended on good terms, send an email and check in to see how they are doing.  This doesn’t have to be a “work with me” email but rather just a check in to see how things have been going.  This reminds them they had a great experience and I have found it also often brings about new projects.  

Current clients – If you are working with someone and have an idea on something else they could be implementing that would bring them more revenue, share that with them if you are willing to work on that project. Business owners are busy.  They love to know someone is being proactive and thinking about their business outside of just the current scope of work.  This will lead to new projects as well as great client retention and referrals.

People that sign up for your optin – Do you have follow up messages going out to the people that sign up for your optin?  This should be valuable content that will help them further and sprinkle in a call to action so they know what to do next if they want to learn more from you or work with you.  Once they are done with this first funnel, you can have a link in the last email so they can join your ezine or newsletter list and get regular updates from you if they are interested.  You will lose out on a lot of opportunity if you just deliver the PDF or whatever you are offering and never reach out again.

The goal is to build relationships and show you care enough to reach out and follow up with them in any circumstances. 

Put your follow up plan in place, break it down so it is manageable and start to implement it.  If you would like to share your results with me feel free to reach out!