You have a business, you are super busy, but sometimes things dry up.  Do you have a plan in place so you have new work and customers coming in during those times? Or are you just going through the feast and famine cycle which usually means you skip marketing when you are busy and then scramble to get it going when you need work?

Let me tell you a little secret…this way of doing things will drive you crazy.

Oh, you already realized that?  But you still didn’t do anything about it? Maybe you like going crazy…😉

I have a better way for you.  It’s called putting a marketing strategy in place.  You don’t have to map out the whole year (although you can!) but you do need to at least go quarter to quarter.

Since we are heading into a new year and a new quarter, think about what you want to accomplish over the next few months.  What revenue do you want to be bringing in, what profit do you want to be making, what is your goal for reaching out and getting in front of people?

What opportunities are you missing out on?  What opportunities are a good fit for you and something you should budget for?

All these are important questions. 

You also need to be consistent in your efforts.  Don’t stop what you are doing because you are busy.  Keep it going.  Consistency is how you will keep a steady stream of customers and clients coming to you so you can end the feast and famine cycle.

Be sure you are keeping up a presence in the best areas to reach your audience.  Look at your analytics and see what is working for you and what isn’t (do this quarterly so you know what to keep and what you may want to move on from) and make some new connections to business owners that complement what you do so you can build referrals together or co-create offers together.  This introduces you to a whole new audience (and them to yours also) and is a huge benefit for both of you. 

You can schedule things ahead of time, calendar them out and create your topics ahead so you are never scrambling and in desperation. 

If you would like help creating your marketing strategy just reach out.  I do offer that service and I love getting creative with my clients and figuring out the best ways for them to get a good return on their investment as well as lots of good will and great relationships.