More than 100 trillion microbes live in the dark and nearly oxygen free world of the human gut.

Like snowflakes, no two people’s gut microbiota are exactly alike in terms of the many strains and species of microbes they contain.

Gut microbiota have also been linked to depression, which is the second leading cause of disability in the United Sates.

When stress or high anxiety causes the brain to create dramatic plots that play out in our guts, it alters gut contractions and blood flow. This can dramatically alter living conditions for microbes in the small and large intestine. When you feel depressed and everything in your gut slows down , microbes sense these changes and activate genes that help them adapt to those shifting conditions.

Nearly half of the people diagnosed as depressed have symptoms of anxiety, and many chronically anxious people have symptoms of depression.  The two disorders are close cousins.

The key is to clean up your gut health and your brain health as well as the axis that helps them to work together.  That will help with a lot of the symptoms you are experiencing with depression and anxiety.

The healthier you get your gut, the healthier your brain will become also.

Wouldn’t it be great to start feeling your best and knowing that you are getting healthy at the same time?

Your health matters.  This is not something to put to the side and ignore.  If you are looking for natural solutions to support your body and mind let me know.  I would love to share some with you that I have experienced.