So much has changed in the world over the last year and we have all had ups and downs but there was a lot of good that came from the chaos too.

We were forced to slow down and re-evaluate how we were living our lives.  We were able to spend more time with our family and re-assess how we were spending our time.  We learned how to pivot in business to stay successful.  And we learned how to fail and try again.


Yep, I said it!  You know that things don’t always go perfectly, no matter what people show you on their social media posts.  No one gets it right every time and everyone has an embarrassing moment or struggles with technology, or has a Zoom bomb from their cat, dog or child and it all just makes you more human and you learn from it.

It is what you take away from the moment and what you learn from it that will help you in the future.

For instance, I know my youngest dog is a cuddler, so if I am doing a Zoom on the couch you will most likely see him because he needs to lay all over me all the time.  BUT if I need to do an important call away from the noise or Zoom bombs, I go in my office.

Another lesson I have learned over the years has been when to be OK with walking away from something that isn’t right.

Just because you made the decision at one point to start a particular business, or do a joint venture with someone, doesn’t mean you have to stick with it forever.  If it is something that makes you miserable, or something that really just needs to end, be OK with that decision.  Know when to cut your losses and walk away, or when to start something new that you are passionate about.  Just do your homework first and make sure you know your market if you are looking to build a new company or offering.  The whole “Build it and they will come” saying is not true.  You need to put in the work to get the results.

Don’t think that you always know how you will deal with a situation either.  You may have an opportunity come to you that you didn’t expect, and if you are stuck in the old mindset you had of “I would never do that” you may pass up an opportunity that is perfect for you and just what you need. 

Remember that change is good, positivity trumps negativity any day, and being open to opportunities and really seeing the world and people around you are things that will help you reach your goals, no matter what they are.