I learned many years ago that I was practically useless if I don’t spend time on myself.  If I don’t take the time to work out (however that may look), or spend some time doing something I enjoy.  I would get resentful if I never spent any money on myself or did anything nice for myself.

Let’s break this down a bit so I can teach you what I learned.

1) Self Help books are amazing.  I spent a lot of time soaking up the classics as well as the new ones.  I learnt something from each one I read and more importantly, I applied it to my life.

2.) Working out keeps you calmer.  It doesn’t have to mean an hour in the gym unless that is what you want to do. It could mean doing yoga at home, a home gym, dance, going for a walk or run, whatever makes your mind, body and spirit feel better.

3.) Spend time doing what you enjoy.  Maybe that is coloring in adult coloring books, or listening to audio books or singing.  Whatever it is make sure you put time in your week to do it.

4.) Spend money on yourself. This is important so you don’t get resentful.  I spent a lot of time working constantly and putting all the money into household expenses, and things for my family.  I wasn’t spending anything on myself and it showed.  Clothes…I had 4 shirts and 2 pants and rewore them over and over.  Shoes…I had 3 pairs.  Purse?  It was $12 from walmart and falling apart.  Then I realized that I was important too and I deserved to get some nice things for myself (after paying household bills).  I got some new clothes that made me feel and look good.  I got a new purse that is absolutely gorgeous and will stand the test of time. I got myself a couple new pairs of shoes so I was more comfortable.  Then I went back to pouring into my family.  Because now I know that it is OK to spend on myself sometimes too.  I deserve it.

5.) Sleep.  This is a biggie. It is imperative to get sleep.  It helps your mood, keeps your weight lower and keeps you healthier.  Sure there are days when you  will not be able to get enough sleep for one reason or another but this is a goal for most days that you want to hit. And if you have a sick child and you were up all night, sleep when your child sleeps.  If there is a time that you are home alone, spend the time relaxing and napping.  Not cleaning the house.

You are important to your family and friends.  They want you to thrive.  It may seem like you are overwhelmed or on your own sometimes but there is always someone you can turn to that will be your sounding board.  If you don’t have anyone else I am happy to be that sounding board for you.  I get it.  You will get through this.  Moment by moment.  Day by day. Breath by breath.

Erin Alli is a professional writer, blogger, coach and health advocate. She is also a wife and mom.  She helps busy working moms in their journey for inspiration, business tips and lifestyle tips that work and make life easier so they have more time to enjoy it.