Just like you wouldn’t build a house without a foundation, you can’t build a business without one either. 

Well, maybe you can, but it won’t be sustainable for long or be able to grow past a certain level.

In order to grow you need to have certain aspects in place. 

  • Know where you want to get to
  • Clear services and offerings
  • The right messaging
  • Policies in place for those you work with
  • Procedures in place for how you do everything
  • Messaging that hits the right target
  • Hiring routines that allow prospective employees to self-qualify themselves
  • Onboarding processes that genuinely help employees or clients

Once you have these foundational pieces in place you can begin to grow to the areas you dream of getting to.

While you may have done a lot of the work yourself at the beginning, you have to be OK with delegating to others as you grow.  To get to the next level, you need people supporting you that are good at what you need them to do so you can focus on what you are good at.

This doesn’t look like just putting a help wanted ad online and hoping for the best.  It means getting super clear on what you want the person or people you hire to do.  Ask yourself:

  • What tasks do you want them to perform?
  • Are you clear on the responsibilities they will have?
  • What skillsets do they need, and which ones will you teach them?
  • Do you have resources in place to ensure success?
  • What can you offer them?

    Once you are clear on everything needed, create your ad so it self-qualifies people applying.  They should be able to read the ad and know right away if this is a fit for them or not.

Recently I was talking to someone about a position I knew about and they were interested in learning more.  It was a casual conversation that sparked an interest.

Rather than waste time on either side, I sent them the job description that was done just as I outlined above.  Upon reading that, this person reached out to me and said that while she knew she would be fantastic at the job, the fact that she would need to learn a whole new industry just didn’t fit into her current plan. 

Had I just sent her on an interview, it would have been frustrating for everyone involved. The fact that she could self-qualify herself and make that decision about going further was a timesaver so that interview time could be spent on people that would be a better fit. 

Had this company not put the foundational pieces in place first, bringing on new team could potentially be frustrating for everyone involved.

You don’t want to hire someone that is the wrong fit just because you aren’t clear on what you really want.

Take the time to put your foundational pieces in place if you haven’t already.  Then move into the growth phase of your business. 

If you are struggling or just need a little guidance, reach out.  I am happy to chat about how I may be able to help you.