You may have heard the saying “Build it and they will come” but unfortunately, business, unlike the movies, doesn’t work that way.

Just because you start a business and tell a few people about it doesn’t mean the masses are going to flood in.

Even though you have great content, if you are not doing anything to get it out in the world, unfortunately your target market will never see it.

If they don’t see it, they don’t know you can help them.

This is where a strategy for marketing comes in.

You work hard in your business, and you shouldn’t be struggling to get in front or the right audience.  With the right marketing strategy in place, consistency, and the right support team, you will be on your way to a full business in no time.

Some of the elements you want to think about putting in place with your strategy include:

  • Having a mobile friendly website that is easy to navigate
  • Creating content that is of interest to the audience you want to be in front of
  • Deciding what social media platform(s) are best for you and where your audience will be spending time
  • Networking with others and building relationships
  • Collecting testimonials and asking for referrals
  • Submitting content to publications that your audience will be reading or putting ads in those same areas

Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed with this either.  Start where you are at and add in a new element one at a time.  See what results you are getting so you can decide if that avenue is beneficial for you.  Give it at least 6 months of trying something before you decide whether to keep it or not.  You need at least that long if not longer to get things established and yielding some results.

It is important to meet new people too, whether in person or online doesn’t matter.  You can still build great relationships and be of service to others.  By being of service and supporting others, you will in time also benefit from that relationship.  The important thing is not to go into meeting new people with an agenda of what they can do for you.  As a matter of fact, whenever someone books a call with me and says outright they want to tell me about their product or service that they “know I need” I usually end up cancelling the call ahead of time. 

Now if they approach the call in a different way and tell me they would like to get to know me and my business better and see how we can support each other I am all in.  I love to hear about other people and their businesses and it is in my nature to want to help people I like in any way that I can.  They are the people that I refer business too, send information to that I think they would like and just reach out to so we can catch up and chat.

Marketing your business can be fun and it doesn’t have to cost you a ton of money either.  It all starts with putting in place a strategy that works for you, that you are committed to trying and that you can be consistent with.

Then keep an eye on performance.  How are things doing?  Do you need to tweak some things to see if they perform better?

If you would like any support with creating your strategy just reach out.  I love to help people put in place the right plan so they can be successful in their business.