Have you ever heard that money likes to be paid attention to?  Or how about the one about what gets measured grows?

I have heard both of these statements many times since I started my business.  I also found it is true.

When I first heard it I was a bit skeptical.  For instance, I learned in a seminar to track all your money.  What comes in and goes out.  Even if it’s a few cents. 

I tried it out just for fun, for the first time, many years ago.  When I did that I was able to see where my income was, what services were getting the most traction, and even the little surprise fluctuations in income that I wasn’t thinking about such as extra projects that came up or even cashback rewards, referral payments or anything else that wasn’t on my radar.

Then I learned about measuring and seeing what works.  That is about watching your stats across the board.  What do your Google analytics tell you?  What do the open rates on your email (and the clicks on your links) tell you? What do the interaction on your social media posts tell you? 

By keeping track of all of this, you can see what marketing messages are working best for you, you can tweak the ones that aren’t and see if they start to perform better, you can stop doing the things that obviously aren’t working and you can see what your audience is truly interested in that you share so you can share more of it and produce offers that they clearly would invest in.

It’s the start of a new year.  If you don’t already have these in place, now is a great time to do that.  Then set aside a little time at the beginning of each month to review how you did the previous month.  You may want to set aside half a day so you can look at your stats and spend some time adjusting what you need to and even creating some new ideas around the content that is working.

If you struggle with content, or you aren’t sure what you are looking at with the tracking, just reach out.  I am happy to help so you have a strategy in place and a message in place that is getting you on track for an amazing first quarter and a great year in business.  This could be the year you grow significantly and break through the blocks that are holding you back.