Things have been strange this year with a global pandemic and all, but were you able to pivot your business and keep it growing?

I know many people that were.  They may have networked in person before but once the lockdowns started they turned to virtual networking online and that made a world of difference.

By networking online, they were able to meet new people that they wouldn’t have met before because they live in other areas.

I have been fortunate to meet business owners all over the world and it has been so much fun to build relationships with them. 

If you haven’t tried virtual networking yet I invite you to do so.  There is a great group, that I cohost that you can find here.  We have a lot of fun, there is no charge to join us and our attendees have done business together, mentored each other, built referral relationships, co-created together and become friends. 

My suggestion would be to look for some virtual networking groups and join them a few times.  See what ones you like, what is a good fit for you and go from there.  If you like a group, participate regularly.  Get to know the other participants and build relationships.  You can’t show up once and think people will work with you.  They need to get to know you.  Invite people to have a coffee with you over zoom and get to know about them and their business.  This is the way you build relationships, pivot your business and keep growing no matter what circumstances are going on in the world.

There will come a time when there will be in person meetings again but until then, get to know all the people you can virtually and then plan to meet them in person sometime in the hopefully near future!