Things are finally starting to open up again now that more people are getting their Covid vaccine.  Are you excited to be able to do business in a more “normal” way again?

What many people learned this past year is that a lot of time can be saved when we are online.  You can do a lot of meetings online so you don’t have to spend time traveling, and you can then get to know more people also that are not local to you.

I have been talking to a lot of business people this past year and while everyone is excited to be able to see people in person again and go to networking events outside with others, they are also realizing that they like the mix.  They like to be able to take more appointments in a day because they can do them on Zoom and save the extra hours of commuting from one place to the next.

I have been working online for 15 years so this past year wasn’t really any different for me in that sense, but I did get to know more people because of Zoom.

Previously I wasn’t much for networking because it would take longer to commute to and from the meeting than to actually attend the meeting and then I would end up working into the night to catch up.

Now I can connect with others around the globe for an hour at a time and get back to my work right after.  I have made connections I never would have before and I have really enjoyed it.

I am also excited though to be able to meet with people one on one again or in small groups (I like these much better than large events) and build a connection that is even stronger.  I already have some coffee and breakfast dates setup with business connections that I have met this past year and I am looking forward to them.

Have you made any plans yet?  Maybe a working vacation even?  That is when you travel but maximize the time with some appointments to meet people you work with or would like to get to know better.  These are always fun.

Here’s to traveling again, meeting up in person, and still staying on Zoom when we can to save time and meet with our new friends and connections all over the world.