Want to know a secret? A lot of times we make decisions in our life and our business that are not what we actually want.  They are what we think we should do, or what other people tell us we should do.

I mean, if someone else says it, it must be the right decision.  Right!?

Well, what I have found over the years and so have my clients, is that when we make decisions for anyone other than ourselves, we usually end up frustrated or struggling.

You will never be happy if you are making decisions based on what will make someone else happy.  You are the one that has to live with the decision and if you are miserable, how is that good in any way?

There was a time when I would let people guilt me into decisions.  I let them talk me into them.  I wanted to impress them, and make sure they liked me, so I did what other people wanted.

Was it right for me?


I put into action all the tools that I knew to use to manifest what I wanted in my life, and I put into action the steps to get there.  I made new decisions that made me happy, and I walked away from the ones that made me miserable.  And I had no regrets in doing so.

Hope returned.  Excitement returned.

And a lot of people thought I was crazy!

When you finally put in place what you REALLY want in life and stop doing what someone else thinks is best for you, opportunities will open up.  You will learn what you truly love to do, and you will be able to do that in your business, even if that means it has a totally different look than it does currently.   

You can respectfully hear other people’s opinions, but you don’t have to follow through with them. Gently tell them you appreciate their input but must make the decision that is right for you.

If you are spending your time trying to impress someone else or make them proud of you, just know that you can shift that outlook and go in a different direction.  It may take some inner work to get past worrying about what others will think, but once you know that the only validation you need is from yourself, you will feel so much better. And believe it or not, those people you were worried about, won’t even realize that you made a change sometimes!  

Spend time connecting with your inner guidance.  Listen to what you heart is telling you and put into action what you need to in order to have a business that is fulfilling for you as well as successful, in the way that is what you envision for your life.