One important thing to track in your business is your money.  You want to know what is coming in but also what is going out.

This doesn’t have to be complicated either.

I have always used an excel spreadsheet and just updated it each week with what money came into my business in one column and also what I paid out and what it was for in another column.

I tried to switch to Quickbooks but honestly I felt it was just one more thing I had to figure out and update and there was really no need for it.  I am a solopreneur so a spreadsheet worked just fine.  So I ditched the program and went back to what works.

Tracking your money helps you because first, money loves to be tracked.  If you know me, you know that I am very into the Universal Laws and I completely believe that you create what you want in life.

When you are keeping track of your growth you will be able to grow more.  And just as important, when you are keeping track of your expenses you can easily see when you are paying double for something, when you are using similar programs to do the same functions, and when you are paying for things that you no longer use.

It may be $10 here or $20 there but I guarantee you it adds up over time and you could be investing that money in more growth in your business or even personal growth.  Use it to get some new books on Amazon, or put it into your “fun money” fund and take a little trip with your loved ones.

Stop over-complicating things and just do what works for you.  The support you bring in to help you will be able to work with what you have or will suggest new ways to do things that you can explore together. 

Be open to change and updating but don’t make yourself crazy or put pressure on yourself to do something you think “everyone else” is doing if it doesn’t make sense for you.

Keep it simple and growth will come…just as you want it to.