We are in fourth quarter now and that could mean one of two things for your business.  You are planning to end the year strong and are all in. Or you are ready to pack it in, start the holiday festivities and hope you do better next year.

If you are in the camp of finishing strong, I am right there with you!

While I love the holiday festivities, that doesn’t mean I let my business go, and neither should you.

Now is a great time to be planning for the new year.  Look back over your year so far.  What worked, what didn’t? What do you want to change, try new or just ditch all together?

Start a new list for the new year and put on there the marketing aspects you are keeping going and the services or products you are continuing to offer.

Decide on your strategy or hire someone to help you come up with one so that you can go into the new year strong.

Now for this quarter, what are you doing that is working?  You should keep doing that.

Do you have any new ideas that you haven’t tried yet, but you think could be interesting?  Is there a new service or product you are ready to launch?  Now is a great time to beta test and see what people think of your new offer.  You will have some time to revamp things before the new year based on the feedback you get.

It is also a great time to get your marketing copy in place.  This could be many different aspects. 

Here are just some ideas for you:

Get your website reviewed – Have an outside person review your website to see if your message is clear, if you have a strong call to action and if everything flows for the visitor that is experiencing it.  Take that feedback they provide and make any necessary changes or hire someone to help you with those.

Check your email open rates – if you send regular emails, take some time to review those open rates.  What do people on your list seem to like the best and dislike as well.  That will provide valuable feedback on what you should be providing more of.

Review your lead magnet – how are people signing up for your mailing list?  Do you have a strong lead magnet that you offer that people get value from?  This could be a variety of things including a white paper, infographic, audio, etc.

Get your funnels reviewed – If you are offering any type of product you most likely have an email funnel in place that gets sent out for a number of days after they purchase your product. If you don’t have this in place you should.  If you do have it in place, now is a great time to get a review of that by an outside person to make sure that your message is strong, you have a call to action that is clear and to analyze what your results are as well and suggest changes that may increase those results.

Get your strategy in place for the coming year – This is an important element to having success in your marketing for the coming year.  If you don’t have a strategy in place, you are most likely doing a “build it and they will come” or a “throw spaghetti and see what sticks” sort of marketing plan.  That isn’t going to be effective, and you will not be able to track what is working if you don’t know what you are trying to accomplish.

Having some help from a professional that can review, suggest changes, make changes, create strategy, and help you reach your goals is important.

If you would like to see what that could look like if we were to work together on any or all of the aspects I listed, please reach out.  I am happy to go over with you what can help you to be successful in the new year and I also have plenty of resources for amazing support team that can make it all happen with you. That way you can focus on what you do best and be confident that your plan is in place and moving forward as well.