Your business may be going quite well but are you?  If you are doing everything yourself, my guess is no, you are not doing that well.

When we work too hard and have no time to ourselves that will in turn affect our life and health as well as our business.  When that happens we will either get burnt out and not want to work or we will let our business go entirely because we have learned to despise it. 

Running a business can get overwhelming and lonely when you don’t have people in place to help you. The key though is to put the right team in place, not just anyone that will fill a void. 

Here are 3 questions to ask yourself to determine if you are ready for a business manager:

  1. How many hours a day/week do I put in?  If you are putting in 10 hour days and working 7 days a week to keep up you are in need of help.  You need someone that can be your gatekeeper so you are not taking care of things that you don’t need to be.  You need someone to take over day to day tasks as well as be able to oversee your team and take care of the issues that arise so that you can focus on your unique brilliance and not have to worry about the rest.
  2. Am I spending time learning new things or trying to figure out things that I don’t need to be?  If you are trying to fix your website yourself, or set up your shopping cart, or fix a glitch in the system and this is not what you are good at, the answer is yes, you are spending your time this way and it needs to stop.  You need someone that can take care of that for you or hire the people to do that so you are not even aware of it unless you need to be.  This takes the worry and stress off you so you can focus on bringing in more clients or selling more products and services.  This also increases your revenue because while you are paying someone that is skilled in this area to take care of the project, you are able to be spending your time out connecting with new leads and prospects.
  3. Did my family forget what I looked like until they glanced at the family photo on the wall?  Yes, this is something I hear often and it is a huge problem if you are spending all your time working and your family is coming in second.  You shouldn’t be missing their important moments.  You should be going on family vacations with them (and not working while you are there).  You should be home at bedtime to tuck the kids in and read stories and be available for your spouse afterward to talk and connect.  If you are finding that you spend more time working than anything else, it is time to look into hiring a business manager.

Many times entrepreneurs think they can do it all themselves but that just isn’t the case.  You need to invest in getting the help you need because that investment is worth it.  You shouldn’t be losing your sanity, letting your family slip away or wasting your precious time.  You should be working with someone that cares about your business, wants to see it grow and wants you to experience freedom and relief from the pressure cooker you are currently in.

I am happy to chat with you if you think that you may be in need of some help in your business in order to grow.